Are fish the secret to our future’s energy?


Do fish hold the answer to our energy future?

There any many projects out there looking at energy alternatives from carbon sources. One of the areas being investigated is using marine sources via the concept of bio-mimicry.

Because of their proximity to the coastline, French scientists have been considering how marine life could help solve our energy concerns in a highly sustainable way. Researcher Jean-Baptiste Drevet has spent the past few decades studying the relationship between fluids and undulating membranes.  His work gave rise to EEL Energy, a small company founded in 2011 that is working to develop an undulating membrane inspired by bio-mimicry (fish swimming) to generate electricity from marine or river currents.  This simple but robust solution looks to offer a high performance way to generate power while also being friendly to our planet.  It is flexible too – the concept can apply to either river or ocean current.

To facilitate their research and accelerate development of prototypes, EEL Energy joined the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab program where they have access to cloud-based modeling and simulation software. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only helps EEL Energy to consider and test material options, but provides a means for collaborating with partners and suppliers.

Discover moreat our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab portal, or check out the many videos EEL Energy has posted about their vision and the technology behind it.  You can also watch below to hear them in their own words before they took part in our CES booth earlier this year.

Alyssa Ross

Alyssa Ross

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