#ECF09 Day 1b: 3D “Mickey” Mouse and “Mini” F1

Hi, it’s me again, fresh from the Agora this time. And what fun! I FINALLY got to manipulate a 3D mouse!

I didn’t really know what to expect so was surprised you’re to use the 3D mouse in one hand, and a regular mouse in the other. I’m right-handed, so I used the 3D mouse with my left hand.

I was told that it’s kind of like holding a potato and manipulating it with one hand, while cutting or doing the precision operations with the other. I also couldn’t help but think of an accordion, whereby you move the instrument up, down, in or out, while playing the notes with your other hand.

Using the 3D mouse was quite . . . enjoyable, dare I say. My favorite part was getting the 3D car to levitate; felt almost like having a super power.

Here’s a video that gives you a better idea of how these 3D mice (hee hee!) work. I’ll give you a hint: 6 degrees of freedom allowing you to pan, zoom and rotate simultaneously.

Also, there’s some serious benefit to be gained by using one of these thangs: 20 percent productivity gain for one. You can read more on the benefits in this productivity/proficiency study here.

Many thanks to the folks at 3Dconnexion for sharing their goods!

Before I leave you I can’t help but slip in some bragging. The F1 folks told me (and I have witnesses) that I whopped all the other contenders so far today in the mini F1 race. Seems my “reaction time” is much higher than the others’ at 0.008. Who knew? Aurelian and Valerie in the photo below were shocked, but we had fun so they forgave me.

Also, interesting factoid. The mechanism used to power the mini F1s is inserting an air compression chamber into the rear, and when you push the button, the system punctures the chamber with a needle, flying the car down the track in the time it takes to gasp. These are the same compression chambers, so I’m told, used in whipped creme cans. Voila! Factoid of the day.


So there you have it, my experience with Mickey and Mini at Disneyland Paris this afternoon . . .

A demain,