eCar Design Challenge

Be Authentic…Do What’s Right…Simplicity…Mobility Services…New Usages…

Sustainable Mobility to address pending environmental, economical and social issues…

There is a new generation of car users, people who feel responsible for their environment. Citizens of all social categories, who strive for the right measures to be taken.

If this means something to you and your passionate about being part of the solution then the eCar Design Challenge is where you can express yourself!

Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with 40 Fires, is hosting this international design challenge for professionals, students and design enthusiasts.

The car will transport 2 passengers and their luggage with ease. It will have a carbon fibre monocoque. The vehicle will be powered by H2 fuel cell technology, driven by 4 hub motors, one in each wheel. This innovative technology will allow a completely new design layout and therefore a fresh approach to the architecture of the vehicle. For recycling reasons the car body will be finished in raw carbon. New usages & services need to be invented together with a holistic company-philosophy that will seriously address the pending environmental, economical and social issues. Aerodynamics will play a key role in the vehicle design and therefore the car’s frontal footprint must be taken into account.  The vehicle should be aesthetically advanced without being shocking.

Awards: The winning designer will come with DS to the Frankfurt Auto Show in September and present to professionals and the public

The Jury:

  • Anne Asensio who leads the Design Studio at Dassault Systèmes
  • Christopher Reitz the head designer at Riversimple
  • Guest star to be announced…

3 phases:

  • Sketch It (13th June to 17th July) – post your 2D sketches (3 exterior views + 2 interior views)
  • Model It (18th July to 28th August) – the 5 finalists chosen by the community and the jury will be supported by DS to model their designs in 3D
  • Experience It (29th August to 9th September) – the winning design will be integrated into a 3D virtual experience illustrating the new usages and services

Registration and submission details can be found on the eCar Design Challenge community, just follow the video below to logon and get access:

[youtube width=”465″ height=”280″]

Good luck and have fun!

Yours sustainably,


Jonathan Dutton

Jonathan Dutton

Jonathan Dutton is Marketing Director, Transportation & Mobility Industry at Dassault Systèmes