DS Supports the France-Singapore Year of Innovation

2018 will be the France-Singapore Year of Innovation. Both countries will create synergies between their innovation ecosystems, including programs that promote R&D and support entrepreneurship, to transform their economies and societies for the benefit of their citizens.

French and Singaporean agencies, enterprises, public and private research organizations and institutions of higher learning are already actively engaged in collaborative projects in a number of identified areas.  Among these topics is Smart Cities and sustainable development.  French-headquartered Dassault Systèmes is among the companies already actively involved in working on innovative projects in Singapore.

Check out this 1-minute video to get a taste of what is happening in our project called Virtual Singapore:

YouTube Preview Image

Virtual Singapore is based on DS’s belief that the best way to address the challenges of urbanization is to put people at the heart of the renewal process. People are constantly generating data, and city planners can harness and analyze that data to create intelligent cities that better meet the ever-changing needs of citizens.  Virtual Singapore will map and analyze big data points to simulate scenarios and solutions for everything from disaster evacuation to finding an apartment to helping the disabled virtually plan optimal routes. The data can also be used to create better buildings and more sustainable green spaces.  All of this can be tested virtually to ensure it’s on target to improve the lives of the people.

To discover more about Virtual Singapore and DS’s approach to creating cities of the future, visit our dedicated site.