Driving for Green: Changing car-use habits?

So you drive your car to work everyday, once a week you fill the boot/trunk with enough food to sustain your starving teenage children, now and again you take the car and the family on a well earned holiday to the mountains or the seaside – like for all of us the car is an integral part of your life.

But, with China, India and other developing countries wanting a piece of the action there’s going to have to be a lot of give and take.

So,why not lead the change instead of suffering it…

What would make you change your current car-use habits? This is how you answered the survey question number 3:

Offering alternatives really seems to have been the focus of the vast majority of you; i.e. better public transport. In other words, you all want to do your bit to help but today’s alternatives are really not viable…I can relate to that, my trip to work by public transport is bearable but at least there is public transport! This can’t be said for the people who live outside large cities.

So these people will have to turn to flexible car leasing options, i.e. tiny car to go to work in (if you can’t share with another commuter) and a bigger car for family leisure.

And lastly, hike up the price of fuel to “force” change-resistors to change. I don’t really like this, or at least I don’t like it on it’s own. If there are no alternatives we’ll just see businesses fold as they won’t be able to cover their running costs any more. But in fact the price of fuel has never been cheaper than it is today, in 1955 fuel cost 3 times more than it does today relative to earnings. What I’d like to see is the current taxation removed and replaced with a “cleaning-it-all-up-when-it’s-gone” tax, so that this money can be injected into research and actions to clean up the CO2.

Here are some of your additional comments: increase the offer of greener cars and make them affordable, no more fuel for transportation (why burn all those nice molecules…), ecologic company cars.

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