Do Designers Really Want to Communicate in 3D?

I was chatting with Anne Asensio the other day and she asked me,

“Kate, how much do you think designers want to communicate directly in 3D? There’re tons of blogs, website and email exchanges, but what about sharing in 3D?”

Here at 3D Perspectives and in the hallways at Dassault Systèmes we’ve been chatting about this. Richard’s Say it in 3D! blogpost generated a lot of interest and action in the comments section, and similar chats are happening in places like the Product Design Forum (thank you csven!).

Anne has observed, and I’m guessing you’ll agree, that in general people with design blogs or websites aren’t communicating in 3D. Why?

On one hand 3D is arguably a legitimate and practical universal language. On the other, employing 3D to communicate (online for the sake of this debate) is far from being mainstream.

Do we not have the right technologies to easily do this? Is it an oversight? Or is it not really preferred or important?

Please share your perspective in the mini poll below. By answering you’ll get to see the poll results.