Discover the New 3DS Knowledge Base

Have a technical question regarding CATDrawing?

Wondering about V6 CAA Adoption?

Scratching your head on ENOVIA V6 License Compatibility?

You will find it in the Support Knowledge Base! Dassault Systèmes Knowledge Base offers federated search to all knowledge sources and offer one stop self-support to all end users*.

* Not open to students.

What is the User Experience?

Look & Feel

  • Responsive Web Design to use the KB on mobile devices
  • Homogenous Look & Feel aligned with 3DS Corporate design
  • One view of all Filters selection


  • New Navigation with Pre-Selection: Selecting items in Brand will narrow the Portfolio list and will reduce the Product list and so on.
  • Suggestions of articles while typing the request
  • Multi-Selection of Filters and Panel of the selected Filters and Clear Filters option
  • Multi-Language selection in the Filters and within the Q&A
  • Search Results boosted by the language of the browser
  • Back to Search Results with original search intact
  • Advanced Search with interactive prefixes


  • All Brands
  • All Portfolio
  • SRs/BRs: security access according to roles
  • Q&As
  • Guide for Admin., Users, Developers
  • White Papers

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