Discover: CATIA Hackathon Projects

Earlier this year, five teams of CATIA and SOLIDWORKS experts from some of the most progressive architecture and design firms met in Italy and spent 48 hours together as part of a hackathon challenge to come up with Milan’s design of the future.

This challenge focused on revitalizing a historic railroad area in the center of Milan through virtual city models created in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  The teams were challenged to develop a healthy, human-centric design for the city center of the future and one that would be sustainable.  This was accomplished by leveraging all types of data points and exploration through VR

Please visit the coming series of posts in the CATIA 3DSwym community that will feature all the details, cool videos and the teams involved – starting with Team 1.

Click HERE to read the detailed blog post, see the videos and experience the project in 3D.


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