Detective Cloud Perspective

I just clicked the End Call button in our Telepresence conference room. Aside from the excitement of experiencing what it must feel like to be a world political leader on an international, immersive video “call” (why thank you Cisco!), I’m really happy because Oleg Shilovitsky will be joining us as a contributor on 3D Perspectives.

Why? Because he’s an IT expert and I’m not.

You see, we’re both interested in exploring topics like cloud computing. Rather than getting a Kate-analysis of the Cloud Watching polls , Oleg has agreed to break down the results and commentate them from an IT perspective.

In addition to being an IT veteran, Oleg’s been chatting about Clouds for some time now on his blog PLM Twine and also in person with industry people and customers at various conferences and meetings. The guy’s in the know.

So . . . stay tuned for some perspective on your collective Cloud perspective! Detective.



P.S. It’s not too late to answer the two questions if you want a prevue-feel for what’s coming.