Creating striking yet subtle fashion display stands

Inspired by the aerospace industry, Saint-Honoré Paris’s Aéronoré collection of metal display stands can be found in retail stores around the world. It is one of the French accessory display manufacturer’s most exclusive ranges – display trays and accessory holders made from solid sheets of curved and folded metal to create a sleek, subtle finish.

“I remember drawing the Aéronoré collection while I was on a plane,” said Geoffrey Delpy, CEO of Saint-Honoré Paris. “Clients often say that it’s a streamlined collection, which really blends in. When you look at the items, you don’t see the displays, they showcase the product.”

The special collection was brought to life in record time through an exciting partnership with Dassault Systèmes. Delpy and his team used the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud to design the curved shapes and develop the molds for the final products. They were able to quickly turn Delpy’s initial sketches into full 3D models that were shared with the client and approved for production.

“Aéronoré was originally just a sketch, and the challenge was to translate that sketch into a physical object that was feasible to produce,” Delpy said. “In addition to the cutting, we add the plates, and further to the welding, there is folding. To fold the corners, you need a mold. That’s where Dassault Systèmes’ software came in.”

Today, Saint-Honoré uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design all its displays and corresponding molds. Read the full story here to discover how the platform is helping the company to produce high-end personalized display stands faster and more cost effectively than before.

Rebecca Lambert

Rebecca Lambert

Rebecca Lambert is a freelance journalist and copywriter based in Great Britain.