Connecting Minds @ #ecf2010

With several hundred attendees above target, there were lots of minds connecting at ECF 2010.  Is this a sign of economic hope?  I’d like to interpret it that way!

One of the people I enjoyed connecting with was David Nahon, our immersive virtuality/iV lead.   The event’s theme was lifelike experience, an area that intersects with David’s.  We had some ‘coffee tawlk’ and discussed whether traditional PLM is blending with lifelike and especially iV.  Said David,

“They’re beginning to merge.  You can look around the agora and see it.  There are three auto stereoscopic screens, a few stereo systems, Kinect . . . We’re now in the phase where PLM and iV are starting to bleed together.  The future is bright.”

David went on to explain that he thinks a mainstream iV solution for PLM users is not too far away.  Even with abstract data there’s a lot to be gained by translating it visually. 

I’ll leave you with a few goodies:

1. The PLM Marketplace has blogged some technology-in-action videos taken from the agora here

2. These are a few of my favorite event sound bites:

“We have to have the right to fail in order to innovate.” Jean Botti, CTO EADS

“There is no undo in the real world.” Bruno Delahaye, Dassault Systèmes

 “There is more value in your IP than the in products you make.”  Bernard Charlès, Dassault Systèmes

3.  And last but not least, look what I “bumped into” today!  Made with our software too.  

If you were with us, I hope you had an enjoyable, fruitful time!  And if you were not, I hope you have a feel for what transpired.