Cheering on “MiracleTeamUSA” powered by 3DEXPERIENCE!

As an invitee speaker at JavaOne, I was already beside myself to attend the geek mecca that conference represents. But imagine my happiness to learn that this conference coincides with Oracle OpenWorld and exceptionally this year, the finals of the America’s Cup were also at the same time pitting the hearty, experienced New Zealand/Emirates crew against Larry Ellison’s OracleTeamUSA. This video was looping in the elevators at work before the races:

but I had never imagined that I’d actually see the races myself. On Sunday (the first day of the conference but the 12th day of racing), I then read that the first 1000 registrants for the conference would receive free passes for the races and I hustled over to the Moscone Center first thing in the morning to get my wristband. Boy, was I happy to have done that  😀

From my seat high in the east bleachers at Marina Green, I had a commanding view from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island and could see the boats until the very last leg towards Pier 33. It was spectacular. Hard to believe that a boat weighing almost 3 tons could go two times faster than the wind (about 46 knots in about 22 knots of wind) and even foil at over 30 knots upwind (interesting article here on wikipedia concerning the physics of that engineering wonder).

It was a real tribute the 3DEXPERIENCE that OracleTeamUSA used to design and build their victorious boat. Even more miraculous was the way that TeamUSA won 8 races in a row including the final race on 25 September which I also was lucky enough to watch where OracleTeamUSA became “MiracleTeamUSA” 😆  See here for a great summary of the races.

I suppose that watching a race like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let’s just hope Larry keeps the race in San Francisco rather than Hawai so that I might get a shot at seeing the next generation of boats designed with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Michael Finocchiaro is Senior Director, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. You can find him on Twitter at @le_fino.