Build Your ‘3D’ Brand

By now, you should have a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, possibly a Twitter account, Flickr, and YouTube.  If you read blogs often, you certainly have a profile picture (or two), but…

…do you have a 3D presence?  If not, maybe it’s time to jump on this band-wagon too….why?

For a small subset of people (mostly people younger than myself), having a 3D persona on Second Life or other virtual worlds is common.  If not in Second life, many video games offer the opportunity to create your own persona (My wife is constantly changing her hairstyle and outfit every time the family plays Rock Band).  As recent trends in our industry show us: once something becomes popular in the gaming space, next comes Corporate America.  This is why you can get ahead of the curve and impress your colleagues (maybe even your children) and be the first to have a 3D Avatar of yourself.  Now on, you can create a virtual you (your own ‘3d’ brand), with only one picture of yourself.

I created this video for 3DVIA about how easy it is to create your personal 3D Avatar on (maybe my silliest video yet):

Communicating and collaborating online is real, many are already doing this:  Colleges are conducting online 3D classrooms, people are chatting in 3D online, virtual trade shows are becoming more popular.  The virtual world is the next best thing to being there (unless you can afford a Telepresense room), and…it’s Fun!

So, start here to build your online self today, and meet with others online using 3DVIA Scenes.  It’s all Free, thanks to the nice folks at 3DVIA!