Creating life-like human organs with 3DEXPERIENCE


It’s always nervewracking when you or a loved one needs to have surgery and for good reason: preventable medical errors are the third leading killer in the U.S., causing the deaths of over 400,000 people every year. While medicine has come a long way, there are still many risks associated with procedures.  How can medical professionals revise the way they gain knowledge and experience to help reduce that risk?

French-American startup Biomodex is focused on this very issue.  They recognized that advances in 3D printing and simulation solutions can help improve both the quality of treatments and patient safety – and to provide an alternative to medical training practices like using cadavers, mannequins and animals. Biomodex is using this technology to create life-like human organs for medical professionals at all levels to practice on before performing live operations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is proud to help support Biomodex’s mission by providing access to our Open Innovation Lab where they can use our software solutions, and through mentoring on 3D technical skills that improve their ability to leverage applications to digitally design organs and then manufacture them using 3D printing.  With the Lab’s support, Biomodex has developed a process for organ imaging that helps automate the creation of virtual 3D models that can in turn be 3D printed for medical practitioners to acquire knowledge and experience without putting patients at risk.  Even more exciting: they are working to do this for individual patients so doctors can have a virtual twin of the exact organ they’ll operate on to know what to expect before a live operation.

Biomodex CEO and co-founder Thomas Marchard shares in the video below about his company’s mission and how being part of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is helping to accelerate their progress.

That video was recorded at CES 2017.  We offer members of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab the opportunity to join Dassault Systèmes at events to help them share their vision and gain contacts.  In addition to being part of our booth at CES, Biomodex also spoke at one of our our 3DEXPERIENCE Forums, sharing with our audience their mission for helping surgeons deteremine the best treatment for each patient and how new technology helps bring their vision to life.

You can also check out a conversation Biomodex CEO Marchand had with Daniel Newman of Futurum Research to share even more about Biomodex’s vision as well as the business case for their technology: many potential cost savings to the medical industry – from hospitals to insurers to medical device companies.



Alyssa Ross

Alyssa Ross

Alyssa is a Communications Director on the Dassault Systèmes Corporate Publishing team. She’s been part of DS for over 18 years, in roles ranging from public relations to marketing programs. Twitter: @DS_Alyssa