Beyond BIM Symposium – Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process. Unnecessary costs accrue through design collaboration delays and redesign or rework at any stage which challenges the business model of all participants.

The “Beyond BIM Symposium” is of benefit to all architects, engineers, fabricators or contractors who are interested in seeing other ways to improve what they do. 

Following the symposium, there is a two and a half day free training session on two CATIA architectural design roles: the 3D Generative Innovator and the Concept Building Designer, with a focus on the following CATIA applications: xGenerative Designer, Imagine and Shape, Building Space Planning and Building Structures.


Beyond BIM: Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

London 5 – 8 March 2019 

Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell



Beyond BIM Symposium and case studies on workflow methods in architectural design, engineering and fabrication


Tuesday 5th March 2019:

Company Title Speaker
 UNStudio  Complex geometry workflows  Filippo Lodi
 Dassault   Systemes  BIM Level 3: From geometry to construction  Marty   Rozmanith
 Zaha Hadid  Danjiang Bridge Collaboration  Cristiano   Ceccato
 Fulcro   Engineering “Digitally Enabled” Construction Ready Design  Ben Haldin
 Zaha Hadid  R&D Workflow methods with 3DX  TBD
 Felix   Constructions  Knowledge-based design and production of semi-standard   Facade Systems  Paul Ehret
 Hassel Studio Discussion topic tbd  Xavier De   Kestelier
 IDeCOM  Design and simulation of complex civil engineering   projects on the 3DEXPERIENCE  Stefano   Guanziroli
 Dassault   Systemes  xGenerative Design and On-Cloud Concept Building   Designer role  Jonathan Asher





Speakers Biographies

Keynote Speaker: Filippo Lodi – Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management, UNStudio.  Filippo Lodi has more than 15 years of experience in Design, Technology and Innovation. Currently leading UNSKnowledge, the strategic research business unit of UNStudio, a team of multidisciplinary talents, to create new solutions services and research with a focus on building technologies, computation, sustainability and health.

Marty Rozmanith,a graduate in architectural engineering, has been involved in the construction industry for over 20 years. At one point he was product manager for Revit and his knowledge and experience of the challenges and needs for 3D design and collaborative methods is extensive. He is the AEC industry sales Director for Dassault Systemes, working with major opportunities around the world in helping develop new ways and methods of improving building design and construction.


Cristiano Ceccato, with degrees in both architecture and computer science, has used these skills and experience to advance new methods and practice. He was Director of Research & Consulting at Gehry Technologies and led the BIM implementation and construction methods at award-winning buildings. Currently Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, he extends this practice on their unique building forms.


Ben Haldin has worked in AEC since 1993. Since 1994 Ben has never worked on a project or within a team where a 3D digital prototyping did not exist. In 2003 with a colleague Fulcro Engineering services was established, and is now a leader in de-risking projects through use of collaborative process and digital design development and detailing, to enable risk-free assembly and construction.


Paul Ehret was one of the founders of Gehry Technologies in Paris, where he led the first shop drawing delivery job from the company: 60.000 m2 perforated and curved aluminium facade. After managing the migration to 3DX CATIA V6 at Zaha Hadid Architects, he joined Felix to implement new processes and methods within a company specialized into semi-standard and highly performative facades. He taught many design to fabrication class in France (ESA & ENSA) and Switzerland (EPFL).


Xavier De Kestelier  is Global Head of Design Technology and Innovation at Hassell Studio where he leads design technology across all disciplines and regions. He previously co-headed the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners, where his team specialised in computational design and digital fabrication. Since 2010 he has been one of the directors of Smartgeometry. In the last decade, he has been at the forefront of large scale 3D printing and has worked with both ESA and NASA on 3D printed Moon and Mars habitats.


Stefano Guanziroli is a professional Civil and Structural Engineer. After a career in some of the major EPC companies, such as Foster Wheeler, Alstom Power, General Electric, where he has been involved in the design and management of civil and structural works of large scale projects in the Oil & Gas sectors, petrochemical, power industries, he founded the engineering and consultancy company IDeCOM.


Jonathan Asher bridges the architecture, engineering and construction disciplines as an expert in generative parametric modelling, automation and digital fabrication. An experienced architect, engineer and fabricator, he is responsible for the strategy and direction of Dassault Systemes’ AEC solutions for CATIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.




Training Workshops


Wednesday 6th March

A 1-day hands-on training session introducing delegates to the new On-Cloud application from Dassault Systemes – xGenerative Design. Geometry is created and driven through a graphical interface and the application is part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – a collaborative platform for creating, sharing and managing design and construction information.

Delegates at Beyond BIM Symposium will need to bring their own laptops and will have access to a 30-day evaluation licence

Thursday 7th March – Friday 8th March

This one and a half day workshop of Beyond BIM Symposium is an introduction to new features in the On-Cloud Concept Building Designer role within the AEC industry solutions from Dassault Systemes. The CATIA Concept Building Designer role enables design architects to quickly develop conceptual building information models and evaluate design decisions for a project of any size, scale or level of complexity. A powerful suite of conceptual 3D design applications enables an architectural designer to unleash their creativity.

The Concept Building Designer role enables large teams to collaborate around a unified Building Information Model (BIM). Harnessing the powerful CATIA subdivision surface modelling features of Imagine and Shape along with the tailor-made Building Space Planning and Building Structures applications, the Concept Building Designer is a complete package for conceptual building design.

With Live Rendering, designers can also create photo-realistic renderings of their projects for marketing and design review sessions.

All standard parametric building components are fully compliant with industry standards (IFC) and link directly to a higher Level of Detail building components created with the Architectural Detail Designer role. The application is part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – a collaborative platform for creating, sharing and managing design and construction information. Delegates will need to bring their own laptops and will have access to a 30-day evaluation licence.

Beyond BIM Symposium




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As head of global marketing for the AEC Industry at Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Moriwaki launches and promotes groundbreaking Industry Solution Experiences including "Optimized Construction," "Façade Design for Fabrication," and "Civil Design for Fabrication." He is a member of buildingSMART.