Better, Faster, Smarter CPG Innovation

Maintaining financial viability while delivering innovative, environmentally-sustainable products may be the most important business issue confronting Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies today.

Faced with a global recession, ever-changing consumer preferences, and higher development costs, CPG leaders want solutions that provide Better…Faster…Smarter innovation.

Leading CPG companies are finding success deploying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) practices. As a strategic pillar for creating business growth, PLM enables:

Better innovation while providing open, yet directed collaboration across the enterprise, and with consumers and suppliers

Faster innovation through efficient use of internal and external resources and repeatable phase-gate processes

Smarter innovation by efficiently capturing and re-using intellectual property (IP) and value chain capabilities throughout the product development process

PLM practices drive organic growth by linking a company’s innovation engine intrinsically to its business strategy and empowering management.

“How do we develop new, successful, and environmentally-sustainable products, at a competitive price, and increase profitability at the same time?”

Stay tuned! I’ll be tackling this question in a blog series over the coming weeks . . .