Behind the Scene: Michel Desjoyeaux Serious Game

Michel Desjoyeaux Serious Game catia barcelona world race 3DS dassault systèmes sailing 3dvia virtools composer
Agnès and I.


I had a chance to catch Agnès, the one who’s in charge of Michel Desjoyeaux serious game. Marc blogged about it earlier and I thought you guys would enjoy a sneak look at what’s happening behind the curtain.

The game was developed with 3Dvia Virtools from the original CATIA design of Michel’s boat. So, if you’ve already visited it, now you know it’s the real one! 😉

Plus, if you look closer at the game, you’ll realize Michel actually uses 3Dvia Composer to communicate with his team onshore when an issue pops up: they’re able to identify exactly which component has to be fixed.

Anyway, I’m not holding you longer, let’s hear what Agnès has to tell!

[youtube width=”465″ height=”288″]

Did you learn something about how a serious game like this one is done? I personally did! 🙂