Arthur, Selenia and India: Become a 3D Film Star

Have you seen the movie Taken? What about The Fifth Element? Ummmm . . . how ‘bout Arthur and the Invisibles? (a.k.a. Minimoys) Or, the not-yet-released Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard:

Then you know Luc Besson and Europacorp.

But did you know Europacorp (founded by Luc Besson) is a partner with Dassault Systèmes?

So what?

Well, in the spirit of TVnima, now you, your family and friends can become Minimoys!

Check it out:

For more info about the third dimension machine and the Minimoys World, watch this:

And here’s the official Europacorp website.

But back to so what. I wanted to find the answer to this question, so I went to talk with someone heavily involved in the creation of the partnership, my friend and our Director of Interactive Strategy Mehdi Tayoubi. Here’s what I asked him:

1. Why is Dassault Systèmes involved with the Minimoys film promotion? This is very different from working with automotive OEMs.

2. What’s the future of cinema?

3. Can you give us a hint for future Dassault Systèmes-Luc Besson/Europacorp projects?

Q1: Why is Dassault Systèmes involved with the Minimoys film promotion? This is very different from working with automotive OEMs.

Last week we announced a global strategic innovation partnership with Europacorp and the Minimoys project is our first visible project. We’re not that far off because both share the common points of 3D and innovation. We love 3D and want to invent new concepts for cinema and marketing experiences. Real-time 3D marketing is also at the heart of our activity with 3DVIA Virtools. More and more, people are turning towards Real-time 3D and our technologies to imagine online experiences or 3D multi-support applications to replace Flash for example.

The future of marketing in all sectors and naturally also in the entertainment industry is about brand experiences or what we call experiential marketing. Our 3D tools are very well positioned to serve this new vision for our client or even for ourselves.

One of our biggest general public 3D undertakings is the Kheops Revealed project, which so far has resulted in a website visited by 3 million people, the publishing of 2 3D DVDs including 3D glasses, and the first virtual reality event in the world with to-date 30,000 spectators. With TVnima we also give anyone, no special skills necessary, to become an online 3D TV director. For this century, 3D is THE interactive media. The possibilities for inventions in the domains of 3D in between the PLM territory and the gaming territory are huge.

The experience that Dassault Systèmes will acquire with partners like Europacorp (specialists in collective emotion, creativity and stories in general) will also be a benefit to our industrial clients who want to create lifelike experiences for their customers with experiential 3D. You see, 3D is not only for gamers and engineers, but for everyone. Partnerships like this will enrich PLM innovation through the know-how we and our partners will acquire to build emotional experiences even before the products in question exist. They will also help us to expand our range of marketing, cinema and entertainment solutions.

Q2: What’s the future of cinema?

Let’s imagine that with a simple photo spectators will be able to create their own special effects and watch their own content in 3D on the Internet or in traditional movie theaters. On any screen, on any support! Up to you to image the scenario that will begin in your home through your Internet connection where you prepare your virtual double and 3D content as easily as you would in a video game.

Then when you go to the movie theater, you’ll see your content and be able to interact with it. Each showing will be unique and depend on the viewer-generated content. Spectators will use their mobile phones to interact with the « films » in real-time. Today everyone’s talking about online user-generated content, but tomorrow it will be in your neighborhood movie theaters equipped for interactive 3D experiences.

All we have to do now is invent tomorrow’s multi-support for cinemas. The particularity of 3DVIA Virtools is that it allows you to produce multi-support concepts, from augmented reality to virtual reality, as well as online experiences. There aren’t any technological barriers to this type of scenario!

Q3: Can you give us a hint for future Dassault Systèmes-Luc Besson/Europacorp projects?

What you see on is only a glimpse of what’s to come. We’re working on user-generated 3D content that you’ll find in the official Arthur and the Vengence of Maltazard DVD, and also concepts for 3D events that will transform any movie theater into a virtual reality showroom for interactive experiences. Anyone can join us on this adventure by first creating their own Minimoy. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!!!

Interesting, non? Now I just need to find a way to meet Luc Besson!



P.S. You can view the Minimoys online experience in stereoscopic 3-D. If you’d like some special anaglyph glasses, I’ve got a limited personal stock to share with you, dear readers. So contact me if you’d like a pair.