To Create Next-Level Designs, Architects Turn to Adaptive Tools and Strategies

For Morphosis Architects in Los Angeles, the flexibility to innovate is at the heart of their work.

“Our work is a constant search for innovation,” comments Kerenza Harris, leader of Advanced Technology at Morphosis, in a recent video interview with Dassault Systèmes.

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That innovation can be found in a number of areas, from the rough initial design idea to throughout the design process, as the idea evolves and becomes more sophisticated and better defined.

For example:

  • Innovations in material usages: The firm is pushing façades further with new applications like glass fiber reinforced plastics and complex combinations of metal panels.
  • Innovations in fabrication: The firm is adopting tools such as robotics and exploring production methods to create high-performing products and that can be mass-produced or mass-customized.

Harris notes that technology today is advancing faster than ever and so to maintain a competitive edge her peers at Morphosis have adopted flexible design tools that help them adapt to new innovations.

CATIA, Harris points out, provides the team with a flexibility in the early design phases as well as necessary definition in the later phases.

“Every project is different and we need an adaptive software to be able to respond to different requirements and variations at large,” Harris says. “CATIA is helping us achieve those goals.”

Events like Dassault Systèmes’ recent AEC Design Hackathon (which Morphosis won) are another type of strategy the firm uses to spur more creative thinking.

Harris says these collaborative events present an excellent opportunity to bring together people from around the world from different industries and points of view to build upon new ideas to create next-level innovations.

“It’s a perfect environment for creative thinking and technological advancement,” she says.

Watch the full interview:

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Akio Moriwaki

Akio Moriwaki

As head of global marketing for the AEC Industry at Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Moriwaki launches and promotes groundbreaking Industry Solution Experiences including "Optimized Construction," "Façade Design for Fabrication," and "Civil Design for Fabrication." He is a member of buildingSMART.