AR Tags All Over Your Living Room: Laval Virtual Day 3

Image by David Arenou
Image by David Arenou

Ok so I’m kind of cheating.  I’m not live blogging from Laval Virtual today, but yesterday just before catching my train I had such a great time playing Immersive Rail Shooting that I had to share.

Immersive Rail Shooting is a shooter video game that, through a collection of AR tags you wear and place on your furniture, pulls you and your living space into the gameplay.  The set-up is elegant, using a Wiimote and your regular living room stuff.   Think laser tag.

I visited the stand in the congested student competition section of Laval Virtual, but even in such tight quarters, I was able to really get into the game.  Thanks VR Geek Sebastien and Algoriste Xavier to having tipped me off to this refreshing student creation!

Student and interactive designer David Arenou is the genius behind Immersive Rail Shooting.  Check out his video that shows it in action.


Bravo David to a job well done; I look forward to experiencing your next creation!

So, what do you think about this?

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