A Treasure Trove of AEC Insights and Discoveries


To create truly innovative structures, today’s AEC professionals must look first at their creation process. Pushing the boundaries requires new technologies, new strategies and a new mindset.

The truly innovative AEC professionals are looking beyond what’s been done, to what’s being done across other industries.

Here you’ll gain insight from experts on the cutting edge of the industrialization of design and construction. Discover how to apply the efficiency of industrialized manufacturing strategies to any project, and the significant advantages this approach can yield.

If we look beyond traditional AEC methods, we can transform the efficiency with which projects are delivered and operated.

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In these articles, you will gain valuable insight, including:

  1. The benefits of adopting an industrial, manufacturing-based approach toward building design and construction and the new mentality needed to achieve this industrial approach to AEC.
  2. How early collaboration and a focus on installation during design can reduce requests for information and change orders—and increase operational performance throughout a building’s lifecycle.
  3. Tips for implementing manufacturing processes and improving AEC coordination, and the 5 manufacturing strategies that can help construction projects transfer greater value to their customers.
  4. Insight into using virtual design to fabricate buildings with the same efficiency that the aerospace industry uses digital models to assemble airplanes.
  5. How to industrialize work processes to create work packages that can be built and assembled by non-skilled workers.

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As head of global marketing for the AEC Industry at Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Moriwaki launches and promotes groundbreaking Industry Solution Experiences including "Optimized Construction," "Façade Design for Fabrication," and "Civil Design for Fabrication." He is a member of buildingSMART.