Announcing 3DVIA TV: Dedicated Video Content for

The launch of 3DVIA.TV is one step in 3DVIA’s effort to improve how users discover and learn the benefits of 3DVIA technologies. Consider 3DVIA.TV your own personal video tutor for anything and everything 3DVIA.

3DVIA.TV Will be Your One Stop Shop for 3DVIA Video Content Including:

· Trailers

· Software tutorials

· Interviews

· Cliff’s Clips

· Podcasts

· Live streaming

· & more

To kick-off 3DVIA.TV, we have an exciting episode of 3DVIA People with Bernard Charlès, the CEO of Dassault Systèmes, and the visionary behind 3DVIA. This is a must-watch episode.

3DVIA.TV will also be broadcasting a live video feed from SIGGRAPH 2009 from August 4th-7th.

We will be posting at least one video every week so tune into 3DVIA.TV often.