The 3DVIA Mobile App is Finally Here!

I am an iPhone App junkie!

I play iPhone Apps whenever and wherever I can. My wife has actually said to me, “Put down the iPhone Cliff, and talk to me”. I tried suggesting that I just text her instead. She didn’t think that was funny.

I know there are plenty of iPhone junkies out there like me, downloading every FREE game, puzzle or gadget you can. And if you like the app, you purchase the full version. However, I must admit, that most apps I have paid $.99 or $1.99 for, I quit playing after 2 weeks, maybe a month. The one I am still enjoying is the 3DVIA Mobile App (I was on the BETA team for the last couple of months). I’m sure you are thinking that I am supposed to say that, but it really is true.

The reason I enjoy the app, is not that I can view all of my models, or the thousands of public models on my iPhone…It’s the collage feature, which is built into the App. This is fun!

The Collage function allows you to take a photo with your iPhone, then download any 3D model from, and add it into the picture, in true perspective. How cool is that!?! You can add 3D models of people into a picture of real people, you can add 3D models of furniture into rooms, you can add cars into your driveway. All this in the palm of you hand, wherever you are. The possibilities are endless, but I did create a video of some great uses for the app here on

All the details on the new 3DVIA Mobile App, including where to download are all on the 3DVIA Mobile page:

In fact, 3DVIA is opening a contest asking you to create any image with our favorite dinosaur Tex Rex, with the chance to win an Amazon Kindle™. All the details on the contest are found here.

Oh, and I must tell you the App is FREE now, so download it today, as the App will list for $1.99 soon.

Also, I need to say a special thanks to Gérald Guyomard, and his team for development of the 3DVIA Mobile App – Excellent Work! You not only gave me my favorite App, but also allowed me to play my iPhone at work – Sweet!