3DVIA Mobile 1.1: What’s Better

Hi there,

I just met with Gerald so he could show me 3DVIA Mobile 1.1.  There are a couple of nice new features I like and hope you’ll enjoy.

For example, you can email your 3D mashup to folks directly from 3DVIA Mobile.

Or, when you import a 3D model into your photo, no matter the lighting of the photo, dark, bright or anything in between, the lighting of the 3D model automatically adjusts.  Yes, we have perfect lighting, Mesdames, Messieurs.

And here’s one for the digitally challenged: if you’re not multi-touch fluent, i.e. you can’t easily command an object’s size and placement with two fingers, in one click you can access zoom, pan and rotate buttons to help you.

Flying plane

So that’s what I-the-amateur like best.  But here are a few things Gerald-the-expert prefers:

  • Full screen 3D display for a more immersive experience
  • iPhone 3GS supports models with 100,000 triangles for more complexity and definition
  • You can levitate objects, which is very useful to make airplanes fly in your living room!

You like?

There’s more of course, but you didn’t think I’d tell you everything, did you?  😉

Go get 3DVIA Mobile 1.1 and discover the rest by using it!  It’s a FREE upgrade for those already sporting 3DVIA Mobile.

And for newbies, it’ll cost ya a whopping $1.99, although sorry, no set of knives with that.