3D Merry Melody

Today Mehdi, Marc and I  were discussing the evolution of interactive communication and how 3DVIA Virtools had changed the way we’re communicating and “3D-evangelizing”.

Reviewing some old presentations, we began reminiscing about the day when we our website www.3ds.com was  awarded the Macromedia “Site of the day” with this Flash animation. We remembered how we dared to have another Richard (he’s the actor in the movie) breaking a cell phone (fast-forward to 3:50 to zoom to the phone part) with a hammer during the presentation, because we wanted to have a different tone in the way we were introducing our products. It’s not because they are stuffy, serious products that you can’t speak about with a tongue-in-cheek approach.

I remember someone began to sing something about 3D. And then it began … everyone got delirious about it. Happily enough, a computer artist, a good friend of ours, knew a very good musician in NYC, Shon ‘Chance’ Miller. Shon was using an interesting approach of graphics, 3D and music as an integrated media (you may want to check out his work on his site, Brainmixer). We contacted him with our first musical attempt, which left him rolling on the floor laughing.

It took Shon only a few moments to come with the following 3D rap, that instantly became an internal hit. I’d like to share it with you today. Just click play on the music widget and be sure to turn up your sound. Have fun! Do not hesitate to rap on it!


Today, we dropped Flash in favor of 3DVIA Virtools of course. We added the third dimension to our communications. We already told you about Khufu. What about a little rollercoaster ride to start your week-end?

Keep 3D-ing!




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