3D Immersive Virtual Sea Life with Michel Desjoyeaux

You might have read about famous French Skipper Michel Desjoyeaux’s new race boat. His 60 feet FONCIA monohull has been designed and built in six months thanks in part to our Passion for Innovation Program.  I hope you already took the 3D virtual boat tour, because it’s much more than fun and 3D wow! It’s about a man’s will to share his sailing life.

When we first met Michel, he shared his frustration about classic photos and videos. Okay, they may be great, but they all miss a point no matter their quality.   The experience.   Michel wanted to share what he experiences during his sailing raids.   He wanted people to understand  his sailing passion. In a word, he wanted to provide the general public with a lifelike experience.

This is exactly the type of challenge we love at Dassault Systèmes.   And we have  the right tool for this: Immersive Virtual Reality with 3DVIA.

If you’d like to get familiar with Michel’s 60ft.  FONCIA monohull, I recommend you try the online 3D experience.   You can even dive underwater and watch the famous swing keel he invented.  Try and take a walk in the cockpit, watch the navigation instruments. Go to the sails locker. Not easy, uh? You’ll have to crouch and crawl to reach that area.

Now, you begin to understand a skipper’s life.

I bet you never thought that room was so restricted on a 60ft. boat! That’s exactly what Michel wished to share with you, and we’re happy we could help.


Another tidbit, you may want to familiarize yourself with Michel’s boat, exploring it until you can comfortably navigate around.   That’s my advice, because … this is only the beginning. More on this project  later as things evolve.  But I will I tell you this: you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned and keep 3D-ing!


Richard Breitner, Passion for Innovation Program Manager


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