3D CAD–it’s not just for breakfast anymore

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It’s pretty common to visit a blog run by a CAD vendor and read stories about interesting things Customer X is doing, whether it’s advancing the state of the art, or just doing something different. But how often do you see stories about the people who work for the vendor doing interesting things in their own lives?

Something we hear over and over is that people think SolidWorks is fun to use, and they use it at home to do various things. There are people here who use SolidWorks to design decks for their houses, or make toys, and even design cars. You name it, they’re probably doing it. Maybe it’s a hobby, maybe an obsession–who’s to say?

Here’s a perfect example. Last week, I got an email about Steve Beaudet, who is a training specialist here in Concord. Steve and his friends have purchased a 1994 Chevrolet short school bus and turned it into the ultimate New England Patriots road trip party wagon. These guys have built a website documenting the transformation process, and you can see how Steve used SolidWorks to design some of the elements. If you’re a fan of tailgating, short buses, or the Pats, it’s worth taking a look. I think they had fun.

How about you? Are you using 3D design in your day-to-day life? Show us what you’re doing, and maybe next time you’ll be the one featured here.

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Matt is Head of Social Marketing at Dassault Systemes.