3D and PLM Jobs

Hey everyone, my name is Rémi and I am an intern at DS. Basically, I assist Kate in her work, whether it is here, on the 3DPerspectives blog, or internally.  Part of my mission is managing the 3D Perspectives Twitter account.

What I’ve noticed is that there are lots of  job offers related to 3D and PLM!  Coming from a public relations background, I’m not used to seeing so many postings.

On Twitter  I’m seeing around 10 tweeted 3D and PLM offers a day.  I did a quick survey based on 4 days (from Wednesday the 23rd to Monday the 28th of February).  Keep in mind that I can’t spend my whole day on Twitter…  so this is basically based on 1 hour a day, so 4 hours altogether.

Summed up, my 4 hours of Twitter find no less than 40 job offers in the US, UK, India and France!  Crazy right?  I wish it was my cup of tea;  I would have become this kind of engineer straight away…

Any thought that pops up? Please comment!

Cheers! 🙂