2021 Year in Review: Compass magazine highlights

A compass is a tool for navigation. A compass can orient you in the present and point you toward the future. Compasses were first used hundreds of years ago to help sailors find their way at sea. Today, Compass magazine is an award-winning thought leadership journal produced by Dassault Systèmes to explore the topics and trends driving business now and into the future.

Each year, our Compass team of editors and journalists create impactful content covering Dassault Systemès 11 different industries, as well as key areas such as design, manufacturing, science, society and sustainability, among others. In these stories, we showcase real world examples of the myriad ways in which virtual twins, simulation, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and other Dassault Systèmes products are shaping the future. Here, we’ve collected 10 stories that encapsulate Compass magazine’s coverage in 2021.

Virtual twins of humans

Imagine a renaissance in health care, driven by scientifically accurate 3D human models, that could increase efficiency, lower costs and improve care overall. Virtual models of the human heart, brain and lungs have advanced to the point where life sciences innovators now believe it is possible to create full virtual twins of the human body. Read more about the possibilities of virtual humans.

Space, commercialized

No longer some far-out concept or “final frontier,” space is fast becoming an arena for private enterprise and visionary entrepreneurs. The commercial space industry – also known as New Space – has exploded in recent years as companies explore new and different ways to send satellites into orbit, dip their toes into space tourism and even set their sights on the Moon and Mars. See for yourself in this New Space photo gallery.

Manufacturing Resilice

 An eight-part special report, “Manufacturing Resilience” features reported features, editorials and expert opinions penned by executives from Dassault Systèmes and several customers. This package takes and in-depth look at the role virtualization technology can play in helping manufacturers can achieve resilience in a rapidly changing world. Check it out.

Fostering inclusivity to close the gender gap

The COVID-19 pandemic struck a major blow to women in the workforce, setting back gender parity by a generation or so. But many of today’s most successful businesses are making gender equality a part of their DNA. Learn how women’s initiative networks are helping to close the gender gap and delivering business benefits in the process.

Achieving zero-emission mining

Across the mining industry, innovating to decarbonize is becoming a business imperative. Companies throughout the mining value chain are collaborating and embracing simulation technology to rise to the challenge of climate change and create sustainable solutions. Get the scoop.

Modeling mechatronic success with MBSE

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) platforms are allowing automotive manufacturers and suppliers to develop complex vehicles faster. Interlinking disciplines and bringing vehicles to life as virtual twins allows for seamless integration throughout the design process, evaluation stage and beyond. Learn more about how MBSE shortens development cycles and improves on-time product launches in the automotive industry.

Smart bathrooms

The average person spends more than two years in their bathroom, making it one of the most important places in our homes. So it makes sense, then, that modern consumers are demanding more from their bathrooms than comfort and beauty. Read about how the smart application of technology improves bathroom function, cleanliness and sustainability.

A new recipe for CPG success

Reformulation is one of the biggest trends in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. It’s driven by changing consumer expectations and demands in the areas of health and sustainability. Reforumlation is the key to making food and beverage products last longer, be more nutritious, and use sustainable ingredients and production methods. Get the full story.

Smarter factories

It’s widely known that 5G networks provide an unprecedented level of speed and reliability in wireless connectivity. But 5G means more than faster downloads. As 5G service becomes more widespread, these characteristics are enabling the Industrial Internet of Things, allowing connected devices to make factories smarter. Read more about 5G-IIoT powering smarter factories.

Smart sustainment

Virtual twins are helping NATO allies breathe new life into aging aircraft, such as the American B-52 bomber and BlackHawk helicopter and France’s Rafale fighter, by extending useful life and improving mission readiness. Find out why NATO and US Department of Defense leaders believe the use of virtual twins represent a new paradigm for extending the operational life of complex hardware.

Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball

Patrick is a Senior Communications Manager on the Corporate Publishing team here at Dassault Systèmes. An experienced journalist, marketer, speechwriter and storyteller, Patrick's words have appeared on pages and stages around the world.