Innovation that Inspires – Joby Aviation and the 3DEXPERIENCE Webinar

For years, everything from TV to movies to comics has promised us that personal flying transports would be widespread in the not-to-distant future, and yet every morning we still find ourselves stuck in gridlock. But as people are living longer, populations continue to swell, and cities become more densely populated, alternative modes of transport are progressively becoming more of a necessity and less of a futuristic fantasy.

The morning commute of the future is in the clouds. Joby Aviation, an aerospace startup based in Santa Cruz, California, is aiming to fundamentally change the way we view transportation and the future of urban design. Their Joby S2, a two-seater Virtual Take-off and Landing (VTOL) electric airplane, is capable of safely and efficiently transporting passengers and is designed to solve the world’s morning commute as we know it. But the S2 is more than a solution to gridlock, it is also a sustainable solution that “requires 5 times less energy than conventional auto transportation at 5 times the door-to-door speed.”

Join Dassault Systèmes and Joby Aviation’s Alec Clark for a complimentary live webinar at 1:00 PM Eastern-time on June 15th that will give an inside look into how Joby Aviation is addressing a global challenge using the 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes, and how Joby Aviation:

  • Determined key technologies that would be instrumental to the company’s success
  • Collaborated successfully across multiple scientific disciplines
  • Overcame engineering and organizational challenges to bring the future of mobility to life

Don’t miss this informative event with Joby Aviation and Dassault Systèmes! Registration is open now!

Nathan Purswell

Nathan Purswell is a full-time MBA student at Boston University where he transitioned to after serving 9 years as an Infantry officer in the US Army