Welcome Raoul Jacquand, new CEO of GEOVIA

All of us at Dassault Systèmes would like to congratulate Raoul Jacquand, who has been named the new CEO of our GEOVIA, one of our 12 brands, which is focused on modeling and simulating our planet. GEOVIA supports the sustainable capture, use and re-use of natural resources across the planet. From mining to urbanization, GEOVIA delivers innovations to improve life on earth.

GEOVIA CEO“The GEOVIA brand offers a holistic response to the exponential challenges that the world is facing in natural resources and urbanization, and Raoul’s talent and experience will drive GEOVIA as we accompany the natural resources industry in its progressive digital transformation,” said Bernard Charlès, President & CEO, Dassault Systèmes.

Jacquand has worked in the geoscience and technology industry for over 20 years. His experience and talent will be a great asset for GEOVIA. Jacquand previously worked as the Executive Vice President, Geomarkets Sales & Marketing at CCG, a geoscience company. Before that, he worked at Nortel in several senior-level engineering and marketing positions.

As we welcome Jacquand into the Dassault Systèmes family, we also say good-bye to former CEO Rick Moignard. While everyone at Dassault Systèmes and GEOVIA will certainly miss Rick, we would like to wish him a happy and relaxing retirement! To read more about Raoul Jacquand new role, read our press release.


Molly Gately

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