3DEXPERIENCE: A Virtual Journey delivers thought-provoking and actionable content presented by industry influencers and Dassault Systèmes experts.  Our online event series launched in July 2020, with a focus on inspiring and enabling companies to drive growth and innovation in today’s challenging global environment.  We bring you a selection of sessions from across the four featured episodes.  The full conference agenda can be found on the event website at 3DEXPERIENCE: A Virtual Journey.

Episode 1

Title: The Digital Thread at Lockheed Martin

Speaker: Renee Pasman, Director Integrated Systems, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks

Description: Learn about the digital thread and how Lockheed Martin is leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE to drive increased affordability, efficiency and collaboration throughout the lifecycle for Lockheed Martin’s aerospace and defense portfolio.

Digital Thread

Title: Hexcel Transforms Operations

Speaker: Toni Hempstead, Director IT Manufacturing Solutions, Hexcel Corp.

Description: Learn how Hexcel Corporation is leveraging DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations and DELMIA Planning & Operations solutions to improve efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce work in process and minimize costs. Discover benefits the company has achieved from its digital transformation.

Hexcel Transforms Operations

Title: Southwest Airlines: Manpower Planning Puzzle

Speaker: Brian Sharkey, Senior Director Workforce Planning, Southwest Airlines

Description: Hear all about Southwest Airline’s journey of workforce planning and optimization – including during a global pandemic – partnering with DELMIA Quintiq.

Manpower Planning Puzzle

Title: Industrial IOT in Challenging Times

Speaker: Prasanth Myshore, Director Strategic Business Development, DELMIA Dassault Systèmes

Description:  Through a number of IIoT customer use cases across a diverse range of industries, learn how companies have managed to leverage IIoT and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to deliver qualitative results.

Industrial IOT in Challenging Times

Episode 2

Title: Electroimpact Leverages 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Knowledge and Know-How

Speaker: Ben Hempstead, PE, Chief of Staff, Electroimpact

Description: Discover Electroimpact’s digital journey, growing to become the largest integrator of aircraft tooling and assembly lines in the world. Learn why a platform approach is key for harnessing knowledge and know-how to drive business transformation.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Knowledge and Know-How

Title: Lockheed Martin Deploys Model Based Workflow for Conceptual Design

Speaker: LaTreace Myles, Systems Engineer Senior Staff, ADP/SkunkWorks – Lockheed Martin

Description: Watch how Lockheed Martin is meeting the digital transformation challenge from the DOD by connecting its engineering disciplines using Model Based Systems Engineering.

Model Based Workflow for Conceptual Design

Title: The Connected and Responsive Enterprise

Speaker: Ramon Lopez Doriga, Marketing, Familia Torres Wines

Description: Discover how 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Innovation and Data Science enabled award-winning Spanish wine producer Famila Torres to predict, prepare, quickly adapt/react and maximize opportunities put forth by the unexpected and unusual.

Connected and Responsive Enterprise

Title: Delivering Projects On-Time and On-Budget with Collaborative Project Planning, Execution and Analytics

Speaker: Roberto Marengo, Chief Technology Officer, Sabelt SpA, and Joan Puig, IMC Toys

Description: Lessons from consumer products. Rather than managing by memory and gut, how can global teams enable accurate, real-time information to keep design deliverables on track and respond to ever-shrinking product lifecycles. Watch our speakers discuss their company’s digital transformation enabling seamless collaborative innovation and planning.

Delivering Projects On-Time and On-Budget with Collaborative Project Planning, Execution and Analytics

Episode 3

Title: Evolectric, Enabling and Advancing Global Electrification

Speaker: Jakson Alvarez and Bill Beverley, Co-Founders, Evolectric

Description: Evolectric is advancing global electrification by enabling services and products that unlock electrification technologies to underserved markets. Learn about Evolectric and how they are working to fulfill their mission with 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud.

Evolectric, Enabling and Advancing Global Electrification

Join us in June, 2021 for 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM planned for Hollywood, Florida.  Stay tuned for updates!