Upstream Thinking Optimizes Design Results by Involving Every Discipline

Upstream ThinkingUpstream thinking is a design approach that involves customers from the beginning in order to generate customer-centered disruptive concepts. Such as in the case of Renault, as they designed their new family car using a forward thinking approach to conceptualize Symbioz. Renault’s senior vice president of corporate design reveals that, “in the future the car will become an integral part of your ecosystem, not designed in isolation but as a part of your life.”

The result is an electric car designed and engineered to capture the evolving visions of the customer. Symbioz began with a cross-functional team of designers and engineers, involving target customers before detailed design begins, and builds on learning and research, to focus on customer needs.

Read the full article “Upstream Thinking” by William J. Holstein by navigating to Compass magazine here.

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Timothy Svenson

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