London to New York in Just an Hour? Airbus Patent Says Yes

The Jet Age enabled travel to anywhere in the world in less than a day. Airbus has patented a new jet that could reduce air travel to a fraction of what it takes today, enabling travelers to potentially go from London to New York in just one hour, or from Paris to San Francisco in just three hours.

The jet is designed to travel up to 4 ½ times the speed of sound. For a full look into the newly patented jet, check out this article from Business Insider.

Many people are comparing this new design to the Concorde, a jet that was able to cut the journey from London to New York down to 3 ½ hours. While technologically advanced, the Concorde had some well-documented issues. The plane was very expensive and was seen as a luxury item accessible to only the wealthy. The Concorde was officially retired in 2003, leaving a space in the market for a next-generation super-plane, one that would be more economically viable and safer. Could Airbus’ creation be the answer?

At the moment, we can’t be sure. The project remains only a patent and there’s been no news of Airbus moving forward with their design.

The next step in bringing the project to life would involve turning Airbus’ designs into a 3D model. That’s where advanced design tools like our 3DEXPERIENCE Platform would come into play. Airbus has previously used our platform to create their aircraft, including their A350 XWB, allowing the company to design, simulate and manufacture their projects on a single platform. You never know what the future holds, all you can do is imagine. We’re very proud to be working with Airbus and excited to see what they may bring forth.


Molly Gately

Molly Gately is a passionate writer, who is excited to be a part of Dassault Systemes' North American Public Relations team. Molly has covered a variety different industries in her career, including automotive and tech. She has been published both on the web and in print. Most recently, she wrote for the Milford Daily Newspaper.