Innovative Collaboration Arriving Full Steam Ahead

Did you know that in recent years, the luxury superyacht market has been undergoing considerable evolution? In particular, with an average annual growth rate of 16.4%, the superyacht market has become a business niche with a growing level of appeal. With so much competition on the marina, what differentiates and makes these superyachts so super? A superyacht is an exclusively owned and operated luxury yacht, which is professionally crewed and has a loadline length of 78 feet and above. With manufacturers working tirelessly to provide products that emulate, glorify and simplify the high expectations within this competitive market, increasingly, only yachts above 213 feet stand out among others. In order to aid in efficiently streamlining products, Dassault Systèmes’ products are helping transform the way clients approach their operations and production processes.

Today, our company announced that Damen Shipyards Group, an international shipbuilding group, has selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its marine and offshore industry solution experiences to digitally transform its operations. The press release outlines that in reaction to Marine industry trends moving toward sophistication and globalization, companies are requiring competitive shipbuilders to change with market demands for customized vessels and new business models. As new manufacturing trends get more complex, Damen Shipyards is depending on innovative software and technology to unify its engineering offices, shipbuilding sites and suppliers in order to respond to demand. The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform will provide just that — a single digital environment that connects requirements, regulations and project planning.

In fact, we’ve actually seen how complex Damen Shipyard’s ships can get in a recent Forbes article. The Dutch shipbuilder has literally launched a Game Changer superyacht that lives up to the reputable and luxurious design its proven to accomplish in previous years. Following last year’s delivery and sale of the 180-metre showcase vessel Fast & Furious, the Game Changer is of no comparison with its size, features and infrastructure. This 227-foot-long yacht features a fully certified helideck so owners can take larger helicopters on long range flights to their mother yachts and land safely in a wider weather window. Damen Product Director Mark Vermeulen points out that “clients want to go to exciting new destinations with less established superyacht infrastructure and they want to have more fun with larger tenders, larger helicopters and submersibles.” The Game Changer is exactly what ship-lovers need if looking for something with enough open-deck space, storage, and facilities built to accommodate 22 crew members and staff.

Not only is this ship at the forefront of superyachts, but Damen Shipyards Group is also the leader in this rapidly developing niche. As its 11th produced vessel, the Game Changer’s name truly speaks for itself. Dassault Systèmes is excited to improve and support collaboration across Damen to better serve their worldwide customer base. For more information regarding the press release from either Dassault Systèmes or Damen Shipyards Group, please click on the links provided.

Rebecca Shpektor

Rebecca is currently a senior at Boston University majoring in public relations and mass communications. She loves creative writing, binge watching episodes of Black Mirror while cuddling with her Pomsky puppy, and eating sushi in excessive amounts. One day, she hopes to explore every country.