How to Improve Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing Productivity – Free Webinar

Now is the Time to Leverage Agile Manufacturing Technology

Across the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, manufacturers continue pushing to eliminate idle time, control production costs and coordinate operations across plants. As everyone in the fast-moving CPG industry knows, modern business requires an astute understanding of exactly where your market is and how it is moving, often resulting in new work orders with increasingly shorter delivery expectations. In addition, business continues to embrace a global approach. And with this global outlook there are tremendous opportunities to broaden your supply chain, but there are also new avenues by which your supply chain can be put at risk. The faster the industry moves, the more your organization will be required to leverage technology to ensure that the advantage is yours.


Are You Falling Short on Your KPIs?

Despite Lean manufacturing and other traditional manufacturing excellence initiatives, many consumer packages goods facilities fall short on key performance goals. As the market continues to move towards customization with shorter cycles and smaller orders, manufacturers must find a way to address the challenge of managing an agile operation floor while remaining aligned with customer requirements and organizational objectives.

For a clear look at how to synchronize your CPG operations and optimize your asset utilization, we invite you to join our Dassault Systèmes’ webinar “How To Increase CPG Manufacturing Productivity with DELMIA Ortems Advanced Planning and Scheduling” featuring Thomas Muth, DELMIA Industry Marketing Director. During the webinar, Tom explores how CPG manufacturers can leverage the Advanced Planning & Scheduling capacities of DELMIA Ortems to facilitate demand-driven production, to increase collaboration, and to decrease operating costs and lead-time.


Thomas Muth
Thomas Muth

“There is a better way, using an agile,

collaborative advanced planning

and scheduling tool”


Optimize with Real-Time Collaborative Tools

Tom discusses many of the challenges CPG Supply Chain Planners, Production Schedulers and Manufacturing Managers face including addressing bottlenecks, effective resource planning, running various optimization simulations and synchronizing global production, and will probe how overcoming these challenges is made even more difficult by the continued use of spreadsheets, whiteboards and other static tools. DELMIA Ortems integrates with existing ERP and MES Systems and enables operations managers to optimize short and mid-term planning against their specific production constraints and objectives in order to:

  • Improve cycle times and cost control
  • Limit WIP
  • Optimize resource and capital asset utilization
  • Increase visibility and collaboration across departments and plants
  • Enhance agility and ability to respond to changing priorities

If you are in the CPG space and struggle with any of these industry challenges you don’t want to miss this informative webinar – Register Today!


David Gadarian

North America Sr. Marketing Manager, Manufacturing Solutions at Dassault Systemes
I have the privilege of helping to bring to market the Dassault Systemes extensive manufacturing portfolio within North America, with solutions addressing mission critical industry needs related to Additive Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Manufacturing Operations Management, and Supply Chain Planning & Operations.