Five Questions to Ask to Improve Your Aerospace Business

Aerospace companies rely on innovation to improve performance while managing growing program complexity (more complex systems, and an extended supply chain) as they face more competition than ever before. Companies need every advantage to succeed.

Today’s complex aircraft require Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to improve the way they design, build and deliver them. Companies tend to focus on three areas:

  • Implement process improvements that support on schedule, on cost, and on specification delivery.
  • Move toward a future factory to add flexibility and improve production rates.
  • Improve OEM / supply chain integration.

These improvements require a new way to conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and support new aircraft. How do companies decide where to start?

Here are five questions to consider when developing an innovation strategy to improve your business.

How Do I Bring Teams Together to Work as One?

Traditionally independent product teams worked in functional silos and came together at the end to integrate systems. This creates significant rounds of rework as changes by one team ripple across many other departments. and may not even be known for months.

If companies bring teams together across various functions including: program and contract management, engineering, manufacturing, test and certification, and marketing to work together significant improvement can be realized in areas of performance, quality and more.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows teams to seamlessly collaborate across their enterprise and with its suppliers on programs from defining the initial requirements, developing the systems engineering architecture, developing a system Digital Mock Up (DMU), optimizing designs, planning manufacturing, and testing to complete certification, and more. The platform can help companies rapidly accelerate new programs from concept to takeoff while significantly cutting development costs.

How Do I Design The Best Experience?

Following the adage, seeing is believing, performance improves when people interact with virtual 3D models instead of lines of code or 2D images. Whether developing an unmanned aerial system (UAS) or a customizing a cabin interior, the ability for a customer to visualize, or interact with a high-fidelity virtual representation of this system or environment improves their experience and their understanding of the product.

Dassault Systèmes teamed up with the Wichita State University (WSU) National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) to launch the 3DEXPERIENCE Center. Visitors to the Paris Air Show can see the first joint project: a search and rescue, multi-mission UAS. The UAS System Digital Mockup (S-DMU) illustrates the concept-of-operations with integrated virtual ground station and real flight controls, the virtual UAS, and a virtual environment.

Using 3D models allows you to meet customer requirements as well as align with multiple departments early in the design cycle. This alignment avoids potential downstream changes and rework which reduces program risks, improves system quality, increases schedule predictability, shortens cycle times and ultimately lowers costs.


New technologies are creating a wave of change in the manufacturing planning and production of new aerospace systems. Fueling this transformation requires new ways to deliver agility in manufacturing while continuing to improve quality and profitability.

New technology that offers future factory capabilities will be demonstrated during the Paris Air Show such as:

• Additive Manufacturing (AM)

• Multi-Robotic Advanced Manufacturing (MRAM) systems

• 3D Scanning Technologies

• Interactive and Mobile Devices

How Do I Drive New Business?

To grow their business, aerospace companies must find new revenue streams and markets.

Some OEMs are adding aftermarket services to their portfolio and performance based contracts are becoming more common. With performance based contracts, OEMs are paid based on the hours of operations instead of a purchase price. OEMs seek a greater share of overhaul work including flight line-level repair and preventive maintenance. How can OEMs significantly improve their visibility of the fleet and flight operations and improve predictive analytics to schedule preventive maintenance, and ensure maintenance efforts are completed on-time with quality?

Or, how can companies meet the growing demand to update aircraft cabins much more frequently and offer operators the ability to differentiate themselves their highly competitive market?

How and Where do I get Started?

Designed specifically to accelerate the innovation process, 3DEXPERIENCE Centers support companies in their development of next-generation materials and technologies for advanced product development and manufacturing.

Join us at the Paris Air Show to learn more about the partnership between WSU NIAR and Dassault Systèmes. The 3DEXPERIENCE Center in Wichita is the first of a global network of Centers. Find out about the soon to be announced locations in Europe and Asia.

Going to the Paris Air Show?  Visit us in Booth E172 Hall 2B from June 19 to 25, 2017. Watch a demonstration. Meet with us about your company objectives. See demonstrations highlighting new ways to conceptualize your product and manufacturing strategy. We will share new ways to accelerate your innovation.  For more information, or click here to request a meeting.


Originally published on 3DPerspectives

Michel Tellier

Michel Tellier

Vice President Aerospace & Defense at Dassault Systemes
Michel Tellier is the Vice President of the Aerospace & Defense Industry at Dassault Systèmes