Elixir Aircraft: Airplanes Rising Through a Different Kind of “Cloud”

It’s not uncommon to see a young, promising company get bogged down by administrative and infrastructure challenges. It’s commonly accepted that cloud-based technologies can enable rapid growth in SMBs and startups, which often face very high barriers to entry, such as available resources, time and expenses…and these barriers are especially high for anyone developing new aircraft. Not only is the level of innovation required complex, but must also be proven safe and reliable through long and rigorous testing.

Yet today, we’re seeing even non-traditional aircraft and aerospace companies overcome these challenges by using the right technology. French aviation startup Elixir Aircraft is a perfect example. Elixir Aircraft has chosen Dassault Systèmes'”Engineered to Fly” industry solution experience to help develop a two-seater plane. It will be the first airplane to be designed fully using cloud-based technology.


Based on our 3DEXPERIENCE platform, “Engineered to Fly” is specifically tailored for SMB aerospace and defense suppliers. By using it, Elixir Aircraft has access to a flexible and complete cloud-based solution integrating the latest engineering technologies to manage the aircraft design and documentation process.

According to Elixir Aircraft CEO Arthur Leopold-Leger, the technology, “allows young businesses like ours to benefit from immediate deployment, ease of use, data security and full technical support. As a result, we can dedicate our resources to design and engineering.”

It’s clear new technologies and collaborative design methods allow for more efficient exploration of ideas and new production methods. When innovative companies like Elixir Aircraft are able to do this, we all win.

*Photo courtesy of Elixir Aircraft


Molly Gately

Molly Gately is a passionate writer, who is excited to be a part of Dassault Systemes' North American Public Relations team. Molly has covered a variety different industries in her career, including automotive and tech. She has been published both on the web and in print. Most recently, she wrote for the Milford Daily Newspaper.