Additive Manufacturing Simulations: InTech Magazine

Industrial technology concept.Additive manufacturing simulations are key in assessing a finished part’s quality. The physics behind the manufacturing process can be accurately recreated in software platforms enabling end to end digitalization – predicting residual stresses, voids, cracks, and so on, factors which will be crucial in the service life of a part.  In an article by Dassault Systemes’ Subham Sett, director of additive manufacturing and materials and Jing Bi, senior consultant, additive manufacturing and materials recently published in InTech Magazine (a publication of the International Society of Automation), the authors describe the process of optimizing simulations with additive manufacturing, and conclude:

  • Most digital tools address some of the critical additive production challenges but rely on others to complete the entire process—causing loss in production.
  • An organization needs a model-based approach that integrates design, materials, manufacturing, and production to successfully evolve additive from the lab to a production environment.
  • An unbiased public benchmark is crucial to building trust in the additive community.

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Sharon Rodger

Sharon Rodger

Editor; Internal & Digital Communications at Dassault Systemes
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Sharon Rodger