3D Printing Organs: Changing Surgery for All the Members of Your Family

Patches the Dachshund is an example of a remarkable medical miracle in cancer surgeries. A recent story in the New York Times detailed how this adorable animal underwent and survived a tumor surgery that resulted in the removal of 70% of her skull. How? Advances in 3D printing.

Surgery PlanningAnimal reconstructive surgery is a rapidly progressing specialization of the Veterinarian field. In Patches case, according to the Times, Dr. Galina Hayes and her team at Cornell University used imaging technology to 3D print a titanium plate to repair Patches’ skull. The team was also able to print a full model of the tumor, allowing Dr. Hayes to carefully plan the intricacies of the surgery before ever putting her patient in harm’s way.

Advances in 3D printing technology are making life saving procedures like this both affordable and more accessible for both pets and humans. Javelin Technologies, a 3D printing company in Canada, using Stratasys 3D printers powered by Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS , is working on research for 3D printed visuals in the medical field.medical 3d printing

Using 3D printing, doctors have improved tools for a new approach to treat and diagnose patients. Now they can image a patient’s organs, such as a heart, and create an exact replica via 3D printed model. Biomodex is creating life-like 3D printed models for life-like organs that can be used for medical training and pre-operative preparation.

As experts become more proficient in the uses of 3D medical printing, surgeries could see a higher success rate, a reduction in cost, and fewer complications or secondary surgeries. Watch the amazing video on how 3D medical printing manufacturers are reshaping medical procedures here.

Timothy Svenson

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