3D Printed Exoskeletons are a Game-Changer for Kids

Those of us who believe in magic might be gearing up to commemorate Harry Potter’s win over the dark wizard Voldemort early next month (yes, there is actually a date for this fictional historic event), but for those of us whose Hogwarts letters never arrived on our 11th birthday – there’s a different kind of magic to celebrate today: Magic Arms.

Founded in 2012, Magic Arms is a foundation that creates light-weight robotic exoskeletons for children who are in need of one. Magic Arms was inspired by a young girl named Emma, who has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a condition that creates muscle weakness and restricts normal limb movement.

For a while, Emma had a lot of trouble doing everyday tasks because of the lack of control in her arms; however with the help of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and a 3D printer, researchers created a complex yet low-tech exoskeleton to help Emma control her arms and legs, and her life started to improve. Previously, any devices to help people with this condition were made of metal and too heavy for a child to use, but with 3D printing, it has become possible to make a much lighter version using custom-printed polymers and rubber bands.

Young Emma hugs her mother.

-Inline Image courtesy of Magic Arms-

Symmetry Solutions, Inc., the Upper Midwest supplier for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Design recently decided to partner with Magic Arms and sponsor this project. Together, Symmetry Solutions and Magic Arms are using SOLIDWORKS to spread the magic by creating accessible, affordable solutions to children with AMC and similar conditions. There are thousands of children born every year with the same condition as Emma who are going to benefit from these custom-made 3D printed devices.

It may not be the same magic as receiving a Hogwarts letter, but it’s one that even us muggles (non-magic folk) can appreciate. If you want to help make magic for more children and learn more about the organization be sure to check out www.magicarms.org.


Brittany Ritell

Brittany Ritell

Having always loved writing and communications, Brittany is proud to be part of Dassault Systèmes’ North America PR Team. She has previously worked in the journalism industry occasionally writing for publications such as The Jerusalem Post.
Brittany Ritell