Get Hands-on with AI for Sourcing Savings at COE

Join NETVIBES at COExperience (April 10th – 13th), where we will explore how AI is reshaping intelligent procurement for organizations. “Hands on with AI for Sourcing Savings” Parts 1 & 2 will take place on April 11th and will feature hands-on sessions with Rob Donath and Paul Petit on how to best leverage AI for optimized sourcing, smarter decisions and faster design.

Register today and find NETVIBES at the Dassault Systèmes booth to see a demonstration of AI-driven sourcing, collaborative data intelligence and virtual twin experiences.

Poor procurement decisions can be an albatross for an organization’s design agility, operational efficiency and supply chain effectiveness. Engineers, designers and procurement professionals are often hindered by siloed and disparate component data, making it difficult and time consuming to locate and reuse appropriate parts or identify and reduce duplicates.

Due to this lack of visibility into parts data, organizations face significant challenges, including:

  • Poorly informed reuse-make-or-buy decisions
  • Design inefficiency due to extensive time searching for parts to reuse or designing redundant new components
  • Lack of cross-division standardization resulting in increased inventory, complexity and costs
  • Softer supply chain due to less-than-optimal procurement decisions

Introducing Intelligent Sourcing
Intelligent sourcing combines AI-driven automation and parts analysis to accelerate design cycles, drive smarter decision making, streamline procurement processes and increase operational efficiency.

AI for Sourcing Savings


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AI for Sourcing Savings


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