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The use of virtual models – the future of Fashion?

Today, more and more fashion companies are using virtual models. Why? Simply because with digital avatars, retailers can test a new style on a virtual model, adding, removing and changing clothes in just one click. Virtual models could also be used on websites, for consumers, to mix different outfits and test specific styles – all this digitally by using a 3D avatar.

But this raises a key question: what about the future of real models? If retailers don’t need real models anymore, what will they become? Will the next “Kate Moss” be a virtual superstar? The same question is also true for the whole fashion workforce such as hair-dressers, make-up artists, and photographers – if all fashion companies use virtual models, what will they all become?Retail virtual models

Fortunately, virtual avatars cannot replace real models. In fact, the most important factor in fashion and luxury is emotion. The best models are the ones that provide us with feeling. And although avatars are very well done, they will not replace their human counterparts and the relationship felt between a model and photographer. Even if the process starts with a virtual avatar, a final real photo shoot will be needed.

We have to admit that this is a new way of using 3D and digital media to support retailers’ activities, opening a new era for digital shopping. See the example of Looklet, a Swedish design firm that can create virtual design :

When we use a virtual avatar on a website, we can imagine a lot of other possibilities. We could adjust a virtual model to the consumers’ measurements, helping shoppers buy the right garment at the right size, and to see how different garments will fit before making purchases. No more time spent looking at the right clothes, no returns, and a much more fun way to do online shopping! A technology company named Fits.Me is providing virtual fitting room apps while the London College of Fashion is developing virtual fitting softwares.

virtual-web-storeSee this article to learn more:

So technology = yes! To improve retailers and consumers life = yes! While keeping the emotion and human at the center of the process: YES!