Solar Impulse- Innovation To Change The World


Solar Impulse, the brainchild of Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, is the first solar plane to fly day and night, on zero fuel, using only the energy stored in its batteries. It is also the first solar plane to fly through the night, between two continents and across the United States. The aircraft accomplished around the world flight of 40,000 km without a drop of fuel. The achievement is undoubtedly the first in history, as well as in energy and clean technology. The unprecedented accomplishment marks the completion of 13 years of pioneering research and development. The aircraft was built to be taken to such a high level of energy efficiency that it could fly day and night relying only on the stored solar energy. The aircraft was built not to carry passengers, but to carry the message of a clean future with clean energy. The world is in need of quality life and clean technology, and renewable energy is a part of the solution.