Retail 2020 – Making India shop like never before

Indian retail landscape is in the midst of a massive transformation driven by the next big 3D solutions for the industry. By 2020, the industry will have fundamentally changed everything from the the way retailers look at selling a product to a consumer’s concept of shopping. Physical store space will be a past thing and the revolutionary digitisatio will breed a new series of online-native retailers. Online retail will become a substantial channel for the sector and the regular customer will be the new online investment of a company. Numerous factors driving the alternative retail channels will work as per the evolving consumer buying behaviour with the virtual being the new real. E-commerce market is likely to quadruple to $70 billion with the current trends shifting to 3D printing, mood-sensing technology and the concept of Internet of Everywhere.
Dassault Infographic_Fashion Retail_O47-01-min