Make it Bigger & Better with Product Lifecycle Management

Consumer experiences are now at the heart of brand planning because experiences are bigger than products alone, and they dictate the future of product design. Delighting consumers is critical in today’s evolving business environment. Increasingly connected and technology-savvy, today’s consumer can make and break trends at an incredible speed. So today’s businesses must master both the consumer-oriented technologies and the creative side of product design if they are to win the race for market leadership. Consumer insights are all around us. On mobile phones, tablets, and laptops; consumers are voicing their opinions millions of times a day how do brands connect to, and make use of this valuable source of information? The key is a consumer-connected product lifecycle management solution that captures and analyses this information and implements it into the business during new product development.

Consumer-Centric Product Design                                                        

Understanding consumers helps brands define and deliver winning experiences and products. The strategic value of this information can make all the difference. Yet, without the tools to access and analyze it, brands risk a trial and error 3D design process that can hurt their credibility and sales. With product lifecycle management software, brands have a powerful and intuitive environment, the PLM platform, which provides them with a comprehensive picture of their business operations and deeper insight into their consumers to improve their product design. With real-time views of internal and external information on consumers, products and sales across channels, the PLM solution allows business leaders make informed decisions to adapt their product and design strategies for better results.

Collaborative Innovation with Product Lifecycle Management

The Ideal PLM software enables teams inside and outside a company to engage more efficiently in social innovation, connected product design, seamless collaboration and supply chain coordination. These solutions provide brands and retailers with a new approach to collaborative innovation and helps them to develop the products consumers love while improving global efficiencies and speed to market by up to 50%.

Myntra, India’s largest online platform for fashion and lifestyle, has selected My Collection for Fashion to accelerate its internal and external processes. Myntra as a technology company has always adopted best in class solutions and technology innovations to deliver fast-fashion concepts to their online platform. In their effort to expand and grow their in-house fashion brand business, PLM solutions help Myntra streamline their existing product design processes and increase efficiency through product lifecycle management both internally and externally with their supply chain. This solution will facilitate reduction in time and cost of physical samples and will ensure on-trend products reach online store faster. In addition to this, providing product design flexibility and decision support at all levels of the company are some of the added advantages that the product lifecycle management offers.

In the Experience Economy, customers have transformed to take a more active role in communicating their requirements and preferences for the products that they ultimately purchase. This phenomenon requires the ability to manage customer requirements not as an afterthought, but as an inherent part of the product design and development process. The product lifecycle management requirements-driven systems engineering approach to product design with the customer’s desired experiences is visible to all stakeholders involved.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects people, ideas, data, and processes in a single solution so everyone, both inside and outside the enterprise, can work together to design great products that create memorable consumer experiences.