Celebrating the successes and lessons that drive us forward with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform!

India today is seen as a global player in the digital economy and as we commence 2018 it gives us immense pleasure to see a lot Indian Enterprises, SMEs and start-ups emerge as potential giants of tomorrow. This trend is not just restricted to IT companies but in domains like electric mobility, aerospace, defense, space, apparel and retail, engineering and manufacturing at large.

One key factor that drives innovation and global competitiveness is the digitalization of the manufacturing function. We have embarked on a journey of digitalization and our efforts throughout the year has been to engage with the c-level, plant and design heads; communicate and showcase the power digitalization in increasing efficiency, reducing costs and shortening time to market.

The year has been outstanding for our business. We have strengthened our presence in existing businesses in the automotive and industrial engineering sector and made key inroads in retail. We launched a fully functional Center of Excellence in Aerospace & Defense along with the Government of Karnataka in Bengaluru and strengthened our portfolio on the Cloud, thus enabling its adoption by a wider community of users. We have received an overwhelming feedback basis our direct engagement events like the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, Manufacturing Age of Experience and 3DEXPERIENCE on WHEELS. These events grew bigger better this year with the contribution from customers, partners, industry, global business leadership team, and employees.

2018 in many ways will be a remarkable year with the rollout of key projects in infrastructure and cities development. As a leader in sustainable innovation, Dassault Systèmes continues to deliver digital technologies, which have helped companies to innovate for their business success.  We will be happy to hear from you. Please do write to us at in.marketing@3ds.com.

Thank you! And we wish you a very Happy New Year 2018.