Webinar Replay: Minex Pit Optimizer

We recently held a webinar on the new Minex Pit Optimizer, presented by myself, GEOVIA Senior Mining Consultant at Dassault Systèmes, Ranajit Das.

During the webinar I talked about the below points in detail:

  • What is Optimization?
  • Different methods of Optimization
  • The Minex Optimizer
  • The new Optimizer
  • Further possibilities with Optimization

Pit Optimization is a tested and widely accepted ranking method. Developed in 1965 by Lerchs and Grossman working for IBM, pit optimization was commercialized by Jeff Whittle as Whittle 3D and Whittle 4D, and was introduced into Minex in the early 1990s.

So what do we mean by ranking or optimizing a deposit? We are really talking about:

  1. Which part is economic?
  2. How should we mine it?
  3. How does it compare with other company projects?
  4. What is the risk if coal prices fall or rise?

To find out more, watch the webinar replay below:

As mentioned in the webinar, the new features included in the Optimizer GUI in Minex 6.5.2 includes:

  • Mode: Use Price/Unit (default) Or Price Grids Or Value Grids
  • Report Point Digitization
  • Option to provide seam-wise default density
  • Option to provide seam-wise default grade
  • Option to provide seam-wise default yield
  • Option to provide different slopes for 8 quadrants
  • Option to define slope by ore rock type and waste rock type for seams
  • Option to define slopes by mask polygon Ident and Depth or elevation
  • Option to have seam-wise waste or coal mining costs
  • Option to input haulage costs within polygons (New option to select Geometry file) (import costs from .CSV)
  • Option to specify wash cost based on feed-stock(yield value or quality) and recovery
  • Option to provide sale price and grade table

You can upgrade to the latest version of Minex by downloading it via 3DS Support using your Passport login details. If you are having any trouble downloading this, we also recently ran a webinar on 3DS Support here.


Ranajit Das

Ranajit Das

Senior Mining Industry Process Consultant, GEOVIA at Dassault Systèmes
Ranajit is a qualified Mining Engineer with over 22 years of experience in mine planning, consulting, operations, logistics, exploration and feasibility studies. Ranajit has previously worked for the Steel Authority of India, Santa Fe Mining in Chile and JSW Steel in India. He specializes in GEOVIA Minex and Surpac.