Webinar: Improving mine safety and avoiding unanticipated costs with structural geology from GEOVIA Surpac


We recently held our fourth webinar in the GEOVIA Innovation Webinar Series – Improving Mine Safety and avoiding unanticipated costs with structural geology from GEOVIA Surpac.

The Webinar recording is now available to view below.


Webinar highlights:

How to improve mine safety and avoid unanticipated costs by leveraging Structural Geology with Surpac, which provides the geotechnical team with real-time access to current geology and current production data. All this delivers value to the business by breaking down silos between teams and barriers to effective communication, file management, and knowledge sharing.

Structural Suite contains over 20 visualization and analysis tools through which users can extract and visualize orientations directly from drillholes, analyse surface gradients and visually create planes from point clouds or textured meshes and analyse them on a stereographic projection.

The benefits of utilizing Structural Suite in Surpac include:

  • It allows structural trend analysis in large and complex datasets allowing better mineralization characterization and reduces geological uncertainty, particularly in vein style deposits.
  • It increases confidence in the safety of the operations by showing how rock orientations interact with the mine design allowing small changes to be made ahead of time.
  • It reduces the cost of mining by understanding rock support needs better.



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Webinar Presenter – Chris Bates
GEOVIA Mining Knowledge Consultant (Geology)

Chris Bates is part of the GEOVIA Center of Excellence in EURASIA. As an experienced Geologist, Chris previously specialized in exploration geology with a focus on gold exploration in Guyana, South America. Chris has also worked on resource estimations for phosphates, coal and precious metals as well as data review validation and management. Chris specializes in GEOVIA Surpac, GEMS and MineSched and is based in Coventry, UK.