Production Intelligence


Get an overall view of your mining operation with the 3DEXPERIENCE Production Intelligence part of the GEOVIA Mining Intelligence Offering.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform

• Connects GEOVIA users with role-based applications to connect people, ideas, data and solutions in real time

• Enables centralized control and viewing of mine data, providing a single source of truth on your business operations

• Allows efficient collaboration with traceability across the mining value chain


Mining Intelligence extends the promise and collaborative power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, by allowing users to reveal, measure and analyze mining data to more deeply understand and improve mining operations.

Mining data from source systems such as Fleet Management Systems, Plant Historians and even excel sheets can be connected with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enabling advanced analytics. This allows the mine to expose and connect material flow and key performance indicators.


Production Intelligence is part of the Mining Intelligence offering from GEOVIA.

Production Intelligence allows users to

• Monitor production actuals against targets

• Production KPI definition

• Monitor equipment performance

• Exposes material flow and key performance indicators


Production Intelligence is available as an Information Intelligence application on the eastern quadrant of the 3DEXPERIENCE Compass.





Dragging this icon onto a blank 3DDashboard creates the Production Intelligence widget application.



The information can be presented with Pre-seeded Questions allowing users to get the information they are really interested in with a single click.



A Material Flow and KPIs of the mining operation can be presented so that an overall view of the mining operation is available with a single glance. Note that it isn’t just mining, but plant and any other data related to the operation may be displayed. Plant and Mine are often divided by their much different information types, but Production Intelligence bridges that gap connecting the two halves of the operation.

The Material Flow can show locations, quantity, material type and more. If a Stockpile is selected the Stockpile screen will be opened for that location.




By default the Stockpile screen shows a summary of all stockpiles, including Daily Balances and Input and Output information (including Tonnes and Grades).

The Stockpiles can be filtered by Stockpile, From Location (of input) or To Location (of output).

Holding the mouse pointer over any day displays the grades for that day.





A Daily Summary can be made configured that shows all the information from various sections of the operation. This maps to typical information displayed in a Mine Daily Summary report used by management to report activity at a site.

Plant information, Planned vs Actuals, Grades, Tonnes, Recovery rates and more can all be produced.






Equipment Performance may be monitored via the Equipment Performance section.

As discussed in another Blog post, the Mine Time Allocation can be modeled using Mining Intelligence.

But more than that, Drill Meters, Scheduled Hours and Availability can all be displayed in various charts.




There are many benefits to using GEOVIA Production Intelligence:

  • Monitor production actuals against targets
  • Production KPI definition
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Exposes material flow and key performance indicators


To learn more about Mining Intelligence please contact your local GEOVIA representative.





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